TRIATHlon coaching 

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  • Consultation and Introduction via phone.

  • Training Peaks Basic Account setup or if applicable Training Peaks Account Audit.

  • Setting of specific training zones (heart and/or power) .

  • Daily email with training requirement.

  • Individually tailored training plan delivered on a week to week up to 2 week basis.

  • Training log and data files reviewed weekly, feedback is given via Training Peaks and any necessary changes are made.

  • Training Peaks iPhone/iPad app available for training software allowing you to view your training on the go and add comments.

  • Coach input on goal setting.

  • Client only emails and discounts with our partners.

  • Swim, Run, Cycle or a combination of all 3.

£65 / $95

per month



In addition to sport**

  • Weekly phone call providing: 

    • In depth pre and post training analysis.

    • In depth pre and post event analysis.

    • Advice on event tactics, event and training nutrition, pacing and goal setting.

    • Advice on equipment.  

    • Extra support & motivation; helping to keep you on track.

    • In depth data analysis on strengths and weaknesses.

  • Coach initiated Skype call for screen share of training/event analysis.​

£120 / $175

per month



In addition to sport and event**

  • Quarterly training ride/run/swim session with coach.*

  • Unlimited access via text and email and extra phone calls as required.*

  • Training Peaks Premium Account.

  • Espresso Triathlon Coaching t-shirt.

  • Early bird access to Espresso Training Camps and Events.

*Subject to terms.

£180 / $260

per month

Email us here about the below:


  • One to one or group coached rides.

  • Sportive Support Rides

  • Extreme Endurance Events

  • Presentational award giving and lectures 

**applicable to new athletes who sign up from 01.06.19